Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A month has come and gone....

A month, how does that happen?  I know that I have been busy and all of the business make it fly.  July will be no better.  I have a week of vacation and then start working on getting my DS ready for kindergarten. 
But to prove that I have been doing something, here is what I have been doing.  I have been making these pillowcase dresses in a whole lot of diffrent sizes and colors.  Sold a couple but not enought.  I am selling them over at  come over and look and tell all of your friends.

 The other think that has taken up some of my month is cleaning and organizing.  My wonderful husband made me a couple of wooden shelves to put some of my fabric stash on.  So, I had to move a dresses out of the closet, move my cutting table into the closet and then get the shelves in. 
 This is the chaos,
this is the calm.  Now, as may sewers know, it does not say clean for long.  But I am trying.

The other big thing that has been taking my time is the garden.  There has been some watering, but I am already picking from it.  Got a zucchini, summer squash, 5 cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.  I have been amazed that we have gotten all of this before the 1rst of July.  We may be in trouble.  Husband planted 18 tomatoe plants and 13 pepper.  Salsa city will be here in August for sure.

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  1. Are that dresses still available? Get in touch with me because the site is inactive.