Friday, January 7, 2011

Eating Clean ROCKS!!!!

Ok, so I have gotten through my first week of clean eating and gingerly stepped on the scale.  I was doing cartwheels after, 4 pounds gone.  Now the biggest amazement is how much I eat every day.  Granted, alot of it is fruits and veggies that were pretty much non existent before changing the eating habits but still. 
The only struggle that I have is making sure there is a veggie or fruit with our dinner.  I think that I am making it harder then it should be.   I am spending alot of time worrying if my husband will like it or eat it.  I have to stop this thought process. Stop it, stop it. 
So, off to the grocery store to get more clean food.  Yeah!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beginning of 2011

Wow, that year went fast and I see that I haven't posted since November.  I have to sit back and think, what happened in November that stopped me from posting and I had a light bulb moment.  I started my sewing for Anderson Hoxie Dance Project.  I have been busy. 
These are what are taking up most of my time.
Now if I only had to do one it would be no big deal, but I have to make 12 and then when done with the bottoms, I have tops to do.   But I have to say that I love making this for the girls. 

The other thing that had me busy was the holidays.  I had a wonderful time this year.  My DS is 5 and everything is all exciting for him.  The best present that was had has to be the wii.  It has been played everyday since opening it.

My next great 3 month to life adventure is to take on the eating habits of Eat Clean.  I need to drop a large number of pounds and I need to get my cholesterol in check.  So far I am on day 2 and so far, so good.  I have alot of cleaning out of cabinets, pantry's and fridge.  Way too many simply carbs around. 
As for sewing, after the dance costumes are done, I have a polar fleece quilt to make and then on to polar fleece hats and masks for the hunters out there.   I need to really sit and figure out what I want to sew and if I want to do the Etsy way of selling.  Much to ponder.