Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making Christmas presents.

Here it is the 23rd of December and I am in total awe that it is 2 days till Christmas. This year has been much different, Garrett is much more into the whole idea. Asks everyday if it is Christmas yet.

I made an advent calendar to help him out to know how many more days there are left.

I have been busy making a few presents this year.

For my best friend, twins girls. They are getting AG dolls this year and made a few outfits for them.
Leather purses


I made something for the rest of the family. Craig gets lure covers, Jared gets a fleece hat and Roxy gets a shrug. Of course I forgot to take a picture of all of those things.

I made 10 polar fleece hats for the kids in Garrett's preschool class. From what the parents were telling me, the kids loved them.

I then made my son and husband matching hats. My husband wanted one of those bomber hats and so I started and the first one was too small. So, they both get one.

So, as of last night, all the presents are wrapped, I have cookies to make today, a green bean casserole to make tomorrow and I am ready for Christmas.
I want to say to all of you,
Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Safe New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ebay, Esty, and Consignment...

Where did time go? I think sometimes life and the things that I obsess about get in the way.
I am a fork in the road and have been trying to decide what to do.
I have been a member of Ebay since 2000, and am burned out. I am thinking of selling as much as I can and shutting down my store. Then I sit and think about what to do with what is left. Quite a bit of it can go to the thrift store. But I really think that I want to produce something.
So, I then try to Etsy. There are so many people selling items on the site that I wonder if you just get lost. I am doing a few things for the Take2 Kids consignment in April.
I think I need to look around to see if there is any other site to sell hand made items.
Time to do some researching.
Thanks for listening.