Monday, June 6, 2011

What changes the seasons bring...

I know that I have been busy.
 March/April was filled with dance costumes.  I made some skirts, lined some tops and made boy shorts.  3 times, I made the same boy shorts.  A little frustrating.
April/May I have been busy trying to make dresses that are to fill up spaces on my website,
I am now looking at June and have started to think about what to make for winter.  Very weird to do when it is 90 degree outside right at this very moment.  I am also working on some items for a baby shower that we are having for my sister-in-law.   I should make extra to put on the website.
My birthday is tomorrow and with it is excitement, joy and some sadness.  As of tomorrow, I will have out lived my mother.  Missing her very much. 
My wonderful husband couldn't wait till tomorrow to open presents so I got to open them yesterday.  So, I sit here on the couch working on my new laptop.  So exciting!!!!  It even brought tears to my eyes. 
Because of this being a new laptop, I don't have any of my pictures on it yet, so this post will be picture free.  Next post should have a few pictures to show.